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Outdoor Spaces

We welcome both Residential and Commercial Clients.

Cushions, Pillows & Umbrellas


We all love to spend beautiful days and evenings enjoying our outdoor living area.

A lot can take place with your outdoor cushions/pillows that you don't see happening.


Between the dewy mornings, rainy nights and hot summer days, your cushions could be harboring some nasty mildew and bacteria.

We suggest having your cushioned cleaning during the off months, so that come Spring your outdoor area is fresh and ready to use!



-Our cleaning process is designed to safely remove any outdoor mold/mildew and any other unforeseen invaders.

-By using the appropriate cleaning chemicals, we will safely remove anything harmful that breaks down your cushions and keeps them from looking new.


-Each cushion/pillow is cleaned by hand to ensure a proper and thorough cleaning.

-Our complete rinsing procedure will not leave any deteriorating chemicals in the fabric.


You work hard so that you can enjoy your exterior living space so why not invest in making sure it lasts a long time!  

Call for pricing on Outdoor Textiles

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All outdoor textiles are cleaned off site. When cushions are delivered they are packaged for easy storing!

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