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Wall to Wall

We welcome both Residential and Commercial Clients.

Purpose & Protection

There are many benefits to wall to wall carpet. It is a versatile, practical and fashionable choice for your home.

Carpeting serves many purposes, such as reducing noise, providing warmth under your feet and creating insulation between floors. Most importantly, it traps allergens such as dust and pollen that may come in through your windows and on your pets and shoes. 

Proper cleaning and maintenance is required to make sure your carpet is able to do its job and still look great.

Please feel free to call with and any questions or to make an appointment. 540.338.2151

Carpets can take a beating!

For the best results, call a professional carpet cleaner instead of trying to clean yourself.


DG Textile Care has developed a six-step process to make sure your carpet is getting the treatment it deserves.

The Inspection


 A walk through upon our arrival will give us the information we need to proceed with the job at hand. Your technician may measure the space or inspect any troubled areas. This is also a great time to discuss any concerns or questions you may have!



After seeing the space, we use the industries highest standard vacuum to remove loose dirt and as much embedded soil as possible.

Spot Treatment/Pre-spray

After vacuuming, we apply a biodegradable pre-spray  to help release heavy soiled traffic areas. While giving the pre-spray time to work, we pre-spot specific troubled areas.


After the pre-spray and spot treatment is completed,

we will agitate the carpet with a specialized carpet tool. Agitating the areas will loosen dirt and other debris that has settled deep into the carpet fibers.


Once the carpet has been properly agitated, the cleaning process will begin.




After the cleaning is completed, your carpet will be groomed using a state of the art grooming tool. With proper grooming the pile of your carpet fibers will be uniform. Which in return will help the drying process.

Remember wet carpets are a slip and fall hazard so please allow 4 to 6 hours to dry. Carpets will also attract dirt easier while they are damp, so please. do not wear shoes and limit walking on them as much as possible until they are dry.

We always offer Free pet odor treatment and free spot treatment with every cleaning!


Have you ever considered Carpet Protection?

DG Textile Care uses the highest quality protection specifically designed for your area rugs and wall to wall.


Protection is highly recommended but will not keep your carpets from getting dirty. Carpet protection is designed to assist in the cleaning process and also during spot treatments. 

High-traffic areas, such as family rooms, hallways and places where there may be food and beverages consumed, are just some of the areas protection should be applied.


You should always have protection applied to a clean area.

Please allow 6 to 8 hours drying time after the protection is applied. Premature traffic could create an unsightly spotted look on the surface of your carpet once it dries.

Please feel free to call with and any questions or to make an appointment. 540.338.2151

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